About Doc Joe’s Plumbing

We have a team of highly experienced and skilled plumbing experts and contractors with an excellent mastery of the plumbing industry. Our team is focused on providing every client with high quality workmanship, prompt appointments, competitive prices and excellent customer service. Our professional plumbing experts are proficient at diagnosing the problem, communicating a detailed explanation of their findings to you, answering all of your questions, and repairing or replacing all of your plumbing issues. Our plumbing experts have extensive experience and training in repairing all types of residential and commercial problems including, but not limited to, leaks, toilets, faucets, water heaters, tankless water heaters, drain and sewer pipes, garbage disposals, re-circulating pumps, gas lines and earthquake valves. We are dedicated towards maintaining cutting-edge plumbing standards and quality craftsmanship within our profession. We achieve this by continually training and educating our team of plumbing experts in all areas of the plumbing field. Finally, we fully stand behind the quality of the work we do by providing not only great customer service but also providing our clients with competitive warranties on the craftsmanship of the work we perform. Watch the video below to learn more about Doc Joe’s Plumbing.




Meet the president of Doc Joe’s Plumbing and see what we can do for you!

Our Mission

To deliver on our promise to provide each client with exemplary workmanship and the highest standard of customer service within our industry.


Our Vision

To become the leader in our industry by providing unprecedented standards of customer service and to become the plumbing company of choice within the communities we serve.


Our Values

  • The voice of our clients drives our business
  • Place our clients at the center of everything we do
  • Always do the right thing for our clients
  • Keep our promises and commitments
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Safety of our team and our clients

Doc Joe’s History

Doc Joe’s was established in May of 1975 by a gentleman named Joe Widmer. Based out of Upland, Joe quickly became known as The Sewer Doctor. Today Doc Joe’s still proudly displays the original logo of a cartoon doctor holding a medical bag and plunger on its service vehicles, uniforms and promotional material. In 1982 Mr. Bob Harbin purchased the company and quickly set his course to make Doc Joe’s a house hold name in the community. The new Sewer Doctor along with his wife Linda elevated Doc Joe’s into a well-respected residential and commercial plumbing service company. The bright yellow service vehicles you see today are a reminder of Bob’s signature style that made Doc Joe’s stand out. After years of friendly competition Sean M. Berg, the current owner, purchased the company from the Harbin Family. Sean was honored to become the new Sewer Doctor and follow in the footsteps of the two visionaries preceding him. Starting with a solid foundation, Sean has incorporated the use of cutting edge technology and implemented a revolutionary training and coaching program. With these systems in place, Sean’s vision is to create a positive work environment and encourage continued education to attract and retain an unparalleled team of highly skilled professionals.